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Mobility Improved – Flexibility Improved – Relief from Discomfort – Reduce Inflammation.

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6 reviews for Motion5

  1. Brett

    Brett – Payson

    I know what it is to have joint pain in my knees. Both knees have had ACL surgery and recently had to have another surgery on my left knee. And as a former professional golfer and avid amateur now, I know how important it is to be free of pain while playing. I began taking Motion 5 at the same time as the most recent surgery and within 2 weeks of the surgery I was free of pain and walking normal. This product is the best supplement I’ve ever taken. You’ve got me as a customer for life….Thanks!!

  2. Mike

    Over the last 16 years of Active Duty service and 13 years old those in Special Operations Forces, I have never taken a product that has relieved pain in my joints like Motion 5 has done. The last two years I have felt a significant increase of aches and pain in my hands and knees from training and deployments. After taking Motion after one month, the pain in my hand has been eliminated, and the pain in my knees has decreased dramatically. I am excited to see what the next month of taking this product will do for my health.

    Mike – Special Operation Forces

  3. Mark

    Within 12 days of starting Motion5, I experienced my first pain free day in over 15 years. After a Special Operation Forces career of extreme training, multiple deployments, and an injury list a mile long, even everyday life was a struggle. Chronic back pain, destroyed shoulder, shot knees…all in check and manageable! Motion5 at the end of an intense day at work or tournament fishing and I am ready to go the next morning. To say this product was life changing for me is an understatement. Thanks Blackfish5!
    Special Operation Forces – Mark

  4. Thomas

    Thomas – Boston
    I am a straight shooter, not sure what you have going, but it is keeping me going. Love this stuff. It works. thanks for the recent promotions on site, you are even a better deal than Amazon. Feel very mobile.

  5. Jim

    I have only used your products for 4 weeks and I have to admit that I’m thoroughly impressed with all of them. Normally after a tournament fishing weekend, I’m too tired to work out on Monday the first time I tried the Rebound X2 the night before and the Kratos Max prior to working out I was not only able to work out but I felt totally energized and motivated. The Motion 5 which I am sadly out of has completely eliminated my shoulder pain and greatly reduced my dependence on anti-inflammatory for lower back pain. So far I’m a firm believer in Blackfish 5.
    Jim – North Carolina

  6. Jason

    I ran out of the Motion 5 and will run out of the Kratos MAX soon, time to reorder. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I believe the Motion 5 has actually really been helping me recover on a bad knee after workouts and cardio work. But I’m pretty bummed about running out of the Motion 5. I didn’t even realize it until last night when I took the last two. I just wanted to say thanks for this incredible premium product and that I really thought I could tell a difference in my recovery the last month or so with my strenuous workload.

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Motion5™ is a super premium joint complex designed to address, joint discomfort, inflammation and increased mobility. It incorporates a 3 phase supplement panel that includes multiple active ingredients, osteo herbal
complex, and support ingredients that provide results that we dare you to compare to our competitors.

A body in motion stays in motion. Sometimes it is hard to start the motion. Inflammation and pain prevent the mind to move core muscles. An active lifestyle improves not only your quality of life but overall health.

So…what hurtles are in your way?  Motion5™ has a unique blend of natural chemistry to enable the body to maintain healthy levels of movement.†  It has 2X the power of other products. Taken with the complete system of BF5™ your body is prepared to conquer any daily challenge and improve how you feel.

Motion 5
Motion 5

Enjoy the scenery of life as you run through whatever challenges you!

The highest quality ingredients have been integrated together under the watchful eye of research and development. We can see through the darkest waters and have searched globally to incorporate the finest ingredients with cutting edge results. Clinically tested ingredients are the bedrock to our brand.

40 years in the making, a Premium product.

Which Came First…

We believe the egg membrane came before the Chicken or the Egg … and here is why….

Our scientific partnership with BiovaFlex® centers on years of research & development. The egg is considered the ultimate incubator of life. Now offering a key component that is essential to joint and muscle development and maintenance…the protein-rich membrane.

Motion 5

Why BiovaFlex®?

We’ve taken the the ultimate incubator of life…the egg, and identified the key component that is essential to joint and muscle development and health…the protein-rich membrane. Through their patented process, our scientific and technical development partner, Biova, LLC has purified and concentrated this membrane to create the ultimate building block for health, flexibility, and muscle development.*

What is BiovaFlex®? 

BiovaFlex is a nutraceutical ingredient developed by Biova, LLC, the world leader in soluble egg membrane technology. Biova’s patented Hydro5™ process allows for unmatched protein content, and water solubility for maximum absorption. Only in Biova’s exclusive athletic development, maintenance, and performance ingredient, BiovaFlex® are these natural ratios of joint nutrients retained.

The ingredients your body needs to stay in motion

BiovaFlex® includes these key elements:

  • Collagen – fibrous protein critical to cartilage strength. BiovaFlex® contains over 20% collagen.
  • Elastin – a protein critical to skin, cardiovascular, cartilage, and spinal column health: Elastin gives tissue the elastic tension and ability to resume its shape after stretching. BiovaFlex® contains over 20% elastin.
  • Desmosine and Isodesmosine – two little known amino acids responsible for elastin’s elastic or “rubbery” properties
  • Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) including: Glucosamine and Chondroitin—vital polysaccharides which serve as structural components of connective tissue, interstitial fluids, and skeletal structures
  • Amino Acids – organic compounds that combine to form proteins. Amino acids and proteins are the building blocks of life. BiovaFlex contains a complete profile of amino acids.

Only BiovaFlex® is standardized at over 88% protein.  BiovaFlex® provides nutritional building blocks to support joint health.†  BlackFish5’s In Motion® formula combines BiovaFlex® with the perfect complement of ingredients to make sure you get in motion, and stay in motion for years to come!

MOTION 5™ is an elite premium formula designed to help the body improve:

Mobility †
Mobility †
Vital polysaccharides which serve as structural components of connective tissue, interstitial fluids, and skeletal structures.†
Flexibility †
Flexibility †
Elastin - a protein critical to skin, cardiovascular, cartilage, and spinal column health: Elastin gives tissue the elastic tension and ability to resume its shape after stretching.
BiovaFlex® contains over 20% elastin.
Desmosine and Isodesmosine—two little known amino acids responsible for elastin’s elastic or “rubbery” properties.†
Relieve Discomfort †
Relieve Discomfort †
Glucosamine and Chondroitin are vital polysaccharides which serve as structural components of connective tissue, interstitial fluids, and skeletal structures. BiovaFlex® influses the blood stream to replenish to help with discomfort.†
Inflammation Support †
Inflammation Support †
Fucoidan’s therapeutic properties include immune system enhancement. Calcium fructoborate (CFB) is a natural plant mineral borate complex.
CFB has been identified as a potential anti-inflammatory agent.†

InVitro studies demonstrated statistically significant inhibition of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) formation, Lipoxygenase inhibition. Strong migratory behavior in PMN cells was observed along with response to the IL-8 and LTB4 mediators, with a particular strong and clear inhibition of LTB4-mediated migration exhibited. Apoptotic and necrotic cell death were also reduced under conditions of oxidative stress.**

Human Joint Health research with forty-two (42) subjects demonstrated symptoms reduced by 8.25% after 7 days and 16.42% after 14 days. Total symptoms were reduced 20.78% (p ≤ 0.0001) by the end of the study. Equally significant was a 37.8% improvement in the relative knee functionality.**

Ingredient MOTION 5™ Instaflex OsteoBiFlex
Soluble Egg Membrane
Builds Strength, Flexibility, Reduction of Inflammation.†
Osteo Herbal Extract Complex
Proprietary blend designed to magnify the other ingredients' performance.
Calcium (Citrate/Malate/Lactate)
Supports and helps build strong bones.
Fruita X-B
Anti-inflammatory agent - Helps improve knee mobility.†
Vitamin K2(MK-7)
Strengthens bones.†
Grapeseed Extract
Demonstrated to support cardiovascular health.†
Enhances absorption of all nutrients.†
Vitamin D3
Provides energy support.†
Natural anti inflammatory agent.
Supports strong bones.†
Chondroitin Sulfate
Supports and cushions healthy joints.†
Vitamin C
Helps build immune system.†
Magnesium (Citrate/Oxide)
Supports and helps build strong bones.†
Glucosamine HCL
Supports joint repair and health.†
Supports the maintenance of joint cartilage.†
Physician & Trainer Recommended

We know how you feel. You are tired of the aches and pains from aching joints and muscles. The moment of truth has arrived. Get ready to be shocked at how good you feel after 1 to 2 weeks. This is the finest joint product available today and offers the relief and comfort you seek.

Motion5™ is a cutting edge nutritional supplement which has been scientifically formulated to help with joint discomfort and limited mobility challenges. The clinically tested ingredients in our formula are enhanced in our proprietary Osteo Herbal Extract Complex™. Biovaflex® and Motion5™ partnered to build a super-premium composition validated by years of research and development by the folks at Biovaflex®.

Your body will tell you, ‘A Body in Motion, Stays in Motion™’.

Mobility Improved – Flexibility Improved – Relief from Discomfort – Reduce Inflammation.

  • EXTRA STRENGTH JOINT RELIEF: Motion 5 Joint Support Is A Powerful Joint Supplement That Is Specifically Formulated For The Reduction Of Aches, Pains, Soreness And Inflammation Associated With Joint Related Issues. This Supplement Contains A Unique Blend Of Ingredients To Aid Men And Women In Improved Mobility.
  • A BODY IN MOTION STAYS IN MOTION! Motion5 Joint Support Contains BiovaFlex® – Shown to help Improve Range of Motion Including Mobility, Flexibility and Function.
  • REDUCE EXERCISE OR ACTIVITY RELATED BACK PAIN – IN JUST 5 DAYS! Motion 5 Joint Support has a Patented Process to Utilize Soluble Egg Membrane Collagen, Elastin, Amino Acids, Glucosamine and Chondroitin.
  • CONTAINS THE NATURAL INGREDIENT MSM: MSM Helps Enhance The Reformation Of Collagen For Prime Joint Support And Occurs Naturally In Some Plants, And Is Found In Small Amounts In Some Foods And Beverages. MSM Is Combined With Glucosamine To Have A Greater Effect.
  • SUPPLEMENTS YOU CAN TRUST: All Blackfish5 Products Are Created In The USA At Our FDA-Registered Facility And Are NSF And GMP Certified.

Tell us about your experience, and qualify for a free month supply of product!

Our scientifically engineered formulas focus on the bodies reservoirs to rebuild and replenish. Unlike any other products available today, Blackfish5™ has pinpoint accuracy on the bodies needs to fuel up and repair.

Clinically tested ingredients make the difference!

If you trust science, trust us™

Motion 5
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