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The Blackfish is a nickname for the Orca Killer Whale and is the inspiration behind a new premium brand in the sports nutrition category. The Blackfish – Orca has virtually no predators. It lives in groups called pods and hunts systematically as a group. Scientists calculate this Killer Whale has superior intellect.

When prey is sought by the Blackfish, it virtually has zero defense against this supreme predator.


To offer superior scientific formulas enabling all dedicated consumers and athletes to rise to the level of excellence.

Who should you fear? No One!

Your level of performance will rise to new heights as you enjoy the highest quality supplements available today.

If You Trust Science, Trust Us™

If You Trust Science, Trust Us™

Developing products with a focus on human health and wellness is not easy. Trust is the bedrock for consumer confidence, respect and loyalty. Our dedication to research and development provides cutting new age technology with years of tenured insights. It is where concepts become real. Discovery and research are the bridges which inspire a leading scientific team to win, improve and concur with excellence.

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