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You will feel stronger and have more energy as you build strength during your workouts when you take Kratos Max™.

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The product called Kratos Max is a complex Sustained Cognitive Energy product. It is MORE than just another pre-workout formula. It is so different because when you take the product, it does not take you to another planet. YOU stay in control. YOU focus more. YOU have sustained energy that gets you through your next workout, project, hike, golf game, whatever floats your boat!


In everyday life the ability to focus and concentrate is a challenge. When we get tired, the brain gets lazy, then the body wants to sleep or rest. Kratos Max is a three part composition helping in key areas:

  • Muscle and Cardio endurance with key ingredients such as: 1183 mg – This helps with blood flow to the large muscle groups.
    • Beta Alanine
    • Creatine
    • L-Citruline
    • Trimethyl Glycine
    • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
  • Mental Focus Complex: 635 mg – feeding the brain is KEY
    • N-Acetyl Tyrosine
    • a-Ketoglutarate
    • N-Acetyl Carntine
    • Taurine
    • Rhodiola
    • L-Arginine
    • Vinpocetine
  • Workout Herbal Extract Booster: 200 mg
    • Blackfish5 claims the key to holistic health benefits is important and this booster serves as the magnification to jump start the engine

We like the natural beet powder and CoQ-10 which helps heart health along with the ElevATP for cell energy.

Once again, the Blackfish5 team and scientific team nailed another tremendous ‘Limitless Energy’ product that is helping all have more energy, think more clearly and not crash and burn because the product is another ‘energy drink’ or pre-workout formula that causes the heart to beat out of your chest.

Kratos Max works and helps even average people feel better and stay focused. We love this product and cannot say enough great things about it!

4 reviews for Kratos Max

  1. Nathaniel – Idaho

    I really like this pre-work out. It’s awesome that it’s in pill. Any pre-work out I’ve ever taken was a mix. That was a hassle to mix every time, and they never tasted well. I hadn’t been using any pre-work out prior to starting Kratos Max. It’s very effective. Before I was crashing in the gym and feeling fatigued and tired, like I was out of energy and lethargic. Even on the first day with Kratos Max it was completely different. I was energetic, and I was doing more. I didn’t get tired, and there wasn’t an energy crash like I’ve experienced with other products. I also didn’t get any jitters, or flushing of the skin.
    A very effective and clean feeling supplement. I would recommend.


  2. Mike

    This product has increased my everyday energy and focus during and after workouts. I have taken multiple energy supplements before and often experience a surge of energy followed by a crashing period. After taking Kratos for over two weeks now, it does not give me a surge of energy followed by a crashing period. It is a sustained period of energy which lasts for hours. Furthermore, I feel like I get more accomplished after my workouts. After I take Kratos, I feel that I have more energy and time in the day because I do not feel tired or lethargic throughout the day. It is changing the way I operate at work.

    Special Operation Forces – Mike

  3. Quade

    Awesome pre workout! Good energy and a great pump. Made me feel like a beast!

  4. Jim – NC

    I think I have become one of your brand junkies. The Kratos Max prior to working out is amazing, but I also took it late at night and I could sleep. I actually think I am sleeping better. More energy and it is a crazy amount of focus. Now if I do not take it – I do not feel right. thanks blackfish.
    Jim – North Carolina

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