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Mobility Improved – Flexibility Improved – Relief from Discomfort – Reduce Inflammation.

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6 reviews for Motion5

  1. Brett

    Brett – Payson

    I know what it is to have joint pain in my knees. Both knees have had ACL surgery and recently had to have another surgery on my left knee. And as a former professional golfer and avid amateur now, I know how important it is to be free of pain while playing. I began taking Motion 5 at the same time as the most recent surgery and within 2 weeks of the surgery I was free of pain and walking normal. This product is the best supplement I’ve ever taken. You’ve got me as a customer for life….Thanks!!

  2. Mike

    Over the last 16 years of Active Duty service and 13 years old those in Special Operations Forces, I have never taken a product that has relieved pain in my joints like Motion 5 has done. The last two years I have felt a significant increase of aches and pain in my hands and knees from training and deployments. After taking Motion after one month, the pain in my hand has been eliminated, and the pain in my knees has decreased dramatically. I am excited to see what the next month of taking this product will do for my health.

    Mike – Special Operation Forces

  3. Mark

    Within 12 days of starting Motion5, I experienced my first pain free day in over 15 years. After a Special Operation Forces career of extreme training, multiple deployments, and an injury list a mile long, even everyday life was a struggle. Chronic back pain, destroyed shoulder, shot knees…all in check and manageable! Motion5 at the end of an intense day at work or tournament fishing and I am ready to go the next morning. To say this product was life changing for me is an understatement. Thanks Blackfish5!
    Special Operation Forces – Mark

  4. Thomas

    Thomas – Boston
    I am a straight shooter, not sure what you have going, but it is keeping me going. Love this stuff. It works. thanks for the recent promotions on site, you are even a better deal than Amazon. Feel very mobile.

  5. Jim

    I have only used your products for 4 weeks and I have to admit that I’m thoroughly impressed with all of them. Normally after a tournament fishing weekend, I’m too tired to work out on Monday the first time I tried the Rebound X2 the night before and the Kratos Max prior to working out I was not only able to work out but I felt totally energized and motivated. The Motion 5 which I am sadly out of has completely eliminated my shoulder pain and greatly reduced my dependence on anti-inflammatory for lower back pain. So far I’m a firm believer in Blackfish 5.
    Jim – North Carolina

  6. Jason

    I ran out of the Motion 5 and will run out of the Kratos MAX soon, time to reorder. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I believe the Motion 5 has actually really been helping me recover on a bad knee after workouts and cardio work. But I’m pretty bummed about running out of the Motion 5. I didn’t even realize it until last night when I took the last two. I just wanted to say thanks for this incredible premium product and that I really thought I could tell a difference in my recovery the last month or so with my strenuous workload.

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