NEW canister – Rebound X2 – 30 Servings

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ReboundX2 is a 3:1:1 ratio BCAA or branch chain amino help muscle recover. This is the most comprehensive formula available in the entire industry. Designed to help with sore muscles, fatigue and overall cellular health, it works quickly for fast absorption into the blood stream.

Use it pre or post activity or workout.

Only 90 calories to replenish

A must for the serious athlete, weekend warrior, anyone looking for healthy energy.



ReboundX2 is the highest quality product on the market today. Use it pre and post workout.

Some folks find happiness by starting their day with with this great tasting chocolate or natural fruit flavor on the way to work.

ONLY 90 calories and it is good for you!

Say good bye to aches and pains. MORE than just a BCAA – Superior – Super Premium


Helps Build Sore Muscles – Reduces the Lactic Acid Build Up in the Muscle •  Works Fast in the Bloodstream •  Recover Twice as Fast

Let’s get this game rolling and help you lose the weight, have more energy and rebuild core strength and muscle.


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Brazilian Chocolate, Blu-Fusion


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