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So why do we offer this super premium product for all levels of exercise?
We are tired of the masses thinking they cannot compete with the bodybuilders of the world and yet still be able to take some of the products professional use. Everyone wants increased energy that is safe, measured and validated by years of research and development. Everyone wants to be more active.

Kratos Max™ is one of the best-kept secrets on the planet. So do not limit yourself. Do not be hesitant to think you are not good enough or big enough to use Kratos Max™. Begin today to enjoy the finest product available today!

Core Strength:
For those who work out regularly building core strength helps with balance and centering your strength in many aspects. Some workouts such as ‘CrossFit’ and yoga have intense focus on core strength. Kratos Max™ is a complex formula designed to assist the body’s development but adding the right balance to help muscles peak at the right time. Building core strength requires endurance and the energy to work your core so you will get stronger. You will feel stronger and have more energy as you build strength during your workouts when you take Kratos Max™.

Muscle Strength:
Everyone wants to be stronger! For those who commit to weight training as their main hobby, will be shocked on how great you feel and the strength you will gain because you will have the energy to lift harder, endure longer work-outs and maintain the motivation to ‘hammer’ you workouts

For the rest of us who work out weekly, monthly and daily with light to heavy exercise, get ready! You will feel amazing as you get through your exercise activity and begin the process of building new muscle.

V02 Capacity Performance:
So how do you improve your lung capacity and ability to exercise longer without getting tired? Well you need to increase your cardio endurance and stamina. You must be able to push yourself. When you take Kratos Max™ it will jump start you by giving you the energy to get through your activities with ‘a bump in each and every step’.

Get the motivation to push your limits, to improve and become better today! Not tomorrow!

Cognitive Focus:
During our research & development we discovered from Olympic athletes that focus during all activity is one of the key secrets to excelling in all sports activities. When your focus is peaking, so will your performance. This is a critical need for all who love to be active. Not to mention, all of us have so many distractions today that challenge our objective to have the pinpoint focus to be active, push our workouts to the limit and make it through the next milestone we face.

When you compare this unique complex with other competitors in the industry – they do not even come close to matching our composition.

When you have the finest scientists’ in the industry working with ingredients for over 50 years it is not wonder we have the competitive edge.

There is a reason why we make this claim:

“If you Trust Science TRUST US!” ™

Prove it to yourself… Do Not be Afraid of the Truth!


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